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Welcome to Krav Maga Self Defense Systems - Andover, MA

Based in Andover, Massachusetts

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Find out more about the history and benefits of Krav Maga, a self-defense system focused on surviving real-world attack scenarios.

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Our team of experienced professional instructors can teach you the fundamentals of Krav Maga safely and enjoyably.


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Meet Our Team

Our team of experienced instructors has years of experience teaching Krav Maga to individuals and professionals.

Sean Guttadauro

After a life long passion for martial arts Sean began his Krav Maga training under Senior Master James Kenney. He is an aggressive, technical fighter.

Paul Skiffington

Paul has over 15 years experience instructing students. He proudly offers customized programs designed to meet individual student needs.

Steve Corlett

Stephen Corlett has trained in various disciplines of martial arts and is a Krav Maga Phase A and Phase B instructor and a certified fitness trainer.

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Welcome to Krav Maga Self Defense Systems, located in Andover, MA.
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